Developing a Culture of Peak Performance!

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.”— Harvey S. Firestone

professionaldev_300x213Founded in positive psychology research, The Intentional Leader delivers programs designed to focus on what’s right with people and teaches them to turn talents into strengths and strengths into success.

Based on data compiled from surveys with more than 2 million individuals and 250 companies the Gallup Organization has shown that:

  • People who use their strengths every day are 6 times more likely to be engaged (committed to the company and its success).
  • Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity
  • Teams that receive strengths-based feedback have 8.9% greater profitability.

After interviewing 80,000 managers, 250,000 sales representatives and 1 million customers Gallup concluded that:

  • Great managers, those who build on an individual’s strengths to encourage and motivate them, can improve a sales person’s performance by 20%.

Take Your Workshops To The Next Level With Follow-On Coaching

Stand-alone seminars, although educational and inspiring, do not have the long-term retention of those supplemented by executive coaching.

Our clients have found that by adding one or more coaching session for each participant, the process of incorporating the course material into their daily routine is greatly expedited. Coaching helps individuals understand and implement the steps necessary for personal behavioral change and ultimately incorporating the learning into their Personal Development Plan.


Maximizing A Strengths –Based Selling Approach

Reimagine the foundational core of selling by identifying and leveraging individual talents and strengths.

Using the results of an accredited on-line talent/strengths assessment, each participant will learn what talents he or she brings to the sales process.

In live-practice sessions you will learn to recognize the strengths of others and to use your strengths to connect in meaningful ways with customers.

Participants will learn to take customer interactions beyond “good relationships” to “engaged partnerships.”

Strengths and the Transformational Leader

Strong, inspirational leaders have the awareness and development mindset to capitalize on their unique strengths and skills and those of the people they lead.

These leadership development programs are designed to meet each leader at his or her current level of proficiency and prepare them for success at the next level.

Leveraging Your Leadership Talents And Strengths

Exceptional performers do not all achieve success in the same way. In fact, if you lined up the top ten performers in your organization, you would likely find that each approaches their work very differently. Recent research shows there are only three factors that top performers typically share:

1. They are in a job that allows them to use their natural talents and strengths every day

2. They have adapted their methods to get the most out of their talents and strengths

3. Their manager understands and encourages them to use their talents and strengths

Consequently, it is imperative that leaders understand, develop, and leverage their own talents and strengths before they can begin guiding others to do the same.

Coaching For Accountability

Managers make a difference!  The preponderance of recent research overwhelmingly supports this conclusion. More pointedly, it authenticates the theory that a front-line manager’s ability to coach his/her team effectively is the single most important factor in determining the success of that team. Leverage the alignment of strengths and talents with the core principles of conducting a crucial conversation to provide coaching interactions that drive results and personal accountability.

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

It’s the new smart! It has been called many things – Interpersonal Skills; People Skills; Intuitiveness; finally, and most recently, Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Whatever you choose to call it, the knowledge, skills, and abilities that comprise EQ have forever changed our definition of what it means to be smart.  Participants will identify the Four Core EQ Skills in action, and describe how increasing these skills can improve business results. Using the TalentSmart ™ Online EQ Appraisal, the participants will develop individual action plans that will identify specific strategies for applying their individual strengths to promote their growth and development for each of the Four Core EQ Skills

“The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.”—Ralph Nader