A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. ~ Michael LeBoeuf

what-clients-saying_2Employing diverse and complex work experiences from the corporate sector to empower staff and create new organizational value, Vera Leonard is a consummate consultant who gets to the core of the matter, and uses innovation to devise and recommend strategies to realize sustainable change. I would leap at the opportunity to work with Vera again. – Marcus McGrew, Director of Grants Management, The Kresge Foundation

Vera understood me and what was necessary for me to get to the next level very quickly. Her simple, “straight to the heart of the matter” approach was very effective with me. – Sales Manager, Payroll Services Industry

Our executive leadership team has worked with Vera for several years. She consistently challenges members to step up to a new level of effectiveness and accountability. She is an integral part of our leadership team and a trusted advisor to me. She always delivers. – Dr. Curtis Ivery, CEO, Wayne County Community College District

Vera gets my highest recommendation as a mentor and executive coach. She has the ability to understand not just what will make you successful in business, but what will make you successful in the culture you are currently in. She enables you to identify areas for improvement, leverage your strengths and works with you in a confidential environment to establish a strategy for continued growth and success.  – Michele Howard, Area Director of Sales at BenefitMall

I learned to identify not only my management style but also my personality style, and how to incorporate both for a win-win combination of Management. I believe through Vera’s coaching I have become a more effective Manager. – Director of Sales, International Healthcare Company

I recommend Vera as a professional leadership coach. She is a natural teacher. She always shows a genuine interest in helping others with their career development and growth, because she truly cares. When I needed a professional coach to help me transition into a key management position, I turned to Vera. Her coaching style is based on real life experiences from a successful career, which makes her advice both practical and effective. She helped me to successfully manage through some challenging situations as a manager and a leader. Vera is someone you can trust and depend on who will make a difference in your career.  – Kevin Crittenton, Area Business Director at Immucor, Inc.

Vera created a safe environment in which to identify areas of opportunity to improve. She was informative and helpful. – Sales Professional, Healthcare Industry

I watched Vera inspire and motivate a team during a very challenging time for her company. I observed two talents that enable her to do that. She is a terrific strategist who can figure out incredibly creative ways to work around obstacles. She is a master communicator – who gets difficult ideas across using stories and humor. – Maura Halligan, Founding Partner, Agentive, Inc.

This was an amazing workshop. I absolutely loved Vera! She is open, honest, articulate and knowledgeable.  Using humor, energy and personal stories she made the information and exercises very impactful. I am looking forward to the rest of the series. – Campus President, Urban, Multi-campus Community College

Vera is a very easy person to talk to her coaching felt like a conversation with a friend, which made me feel comfortable and excited to talk to her again. I wanted to make sure that I followed the plan so I would not disappoint her. – Area VP of Sales, Insurance Industry

Vera is one of the most amazing persons I have ever worked with. Her leadership skills are very powerful, yet subtle, her communication is clear and direct, and her integrity is impeccable. She is fun to work with and she gets things done turning potentially negative situations into positive opportunities. Vera also has an impressive network of contacts and every one of them that I have met so far hold her in the highest regard. – Pavel Holik, Sales Manager, Asia, US & Canada