About the Intentional Leader

theintentionalleader_testimonialsLeading is tough work. The “born leader” is a myth. Even those who possess the inherent attributes of leadership such as self-confidence, composure, boldness, etc., find that the road to becoming an effective leader is one laden with pitfalls, detours, and rocky places.  It is a journey best undertaken with the services of a trusted guide; one who has walked the path before.

“A leader has to be committed to his own personal development in order to change the culture of an organization.” – Richard Barrett

As the journey to your goal gets steeper the path becomes lonelier. The list of individuals who are committed to your success gets very short. Once you achieve a level of higher authority truthful feedback becomes more difficult to obtain. Successful leaders realize the need for a trusted advisor and sounding board who is committed to helping them focus on their strengths and eliminate limiting behaviors.

Leadership is a matter of how to be, not how to do.  – Frances Hesselbein

No one achieves personal or professional success alone!

The Intentional Leader is a group of experienced, top-performing, former corporate executives who bring real-world solutions to their clients through executive coaching, training and development workshops, and targeted hiring support.

As a team, we are passionate about leadership.

“Leadership is intentional influence.”— Michael McKinney

Our process places a high priority on self-awareness. When an individual becomes aware of his or her current attitudes and behaviors and assesses the impact of those behaviors on their goals, they are able to make intentional choices of what behaviors to modify, enhance, or eliminate. Effective leadership is a choice; it is intentional. Exceptional leadership comes from building upon those choices to develop a behavioral repertoire of excellence. In short – Leadership Excellence is an Intentional Choice.

Our team of Intentional Leader Partners are here to serve you and help you achieve Leadership Excellence. Learn more about our Leaders.